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Save Money on Your Small Company Road Trips

When industry and industry professionals have to travel, they typically are not concerned with the expenses associated with it. For some small businesses, travel is a must, but they frequently do not have the budget dollars to spend willy-nilly on elegant HOTELS or unneeded stays. If traveling is a vital part of keeping your business running, but you do not always have the funds, here are some tips that can permit you to travel when luxury travel blog breaking business' bank.

Make the Most of Your Rewards Miles or Points

Numerous major credit cards offer regular flyer miles or travel points for their consumers. Although these are terrific, and small businesses typically make a lot of miles, it can sometimes be hard to use them. Airline companies typically request an outrageous quantity of miles when booking flights and will sometimes not allow benefits members to use their miles on the air travels they desire. HOTELS are the same way - it takes a great deal of rewards indicate even get one complimentary night when customers invest a lot to earn them.

One way to make the most out of these benefits is to use services like AwardWallet.com or Traxo.com - these services request access to your commitment accounts and will alert you to any deals or special deals HOTELS and airlines may be having. Furthermore, they will likewise let you understand when your miles or benefit points are ending so you can work to use them before they are done. While this is an excellent way to take advantage of your benefits, keep in mind that these sites may not work with all airline companies and hotels.

Store Smart for Rental Cars

Frequently, HOTELS and airline flights will need to be paid in advance and making any modifications to your reservations can often cost you additional money. One element of traveling that can be changed at any time is making use of a rental vehicle.

Get Corporate HOTEL RATES

Many larger companies work out offers with HOTEL chains - the company makes the hotel chain their liked hotel for all travel and the hotel offers them a reduced rate. Commonly, smaller sized businesses do not travel enough to be able to protect these kinds of rates ... Or can they? Services such as QuikBook.com enable small businesses access to the very same discounts as larger corporations.

QuikBook.com is a major gamer in the HOTEL GAME in popular markets such as New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and San Diego. The only disadvantage to utilizing QuikBook.com is that they use a "blind booking tool" - this indicates that you will not understand what hotel you are remaining in until you have paid a non-refundable charge. Although the unpredictability is unnerving, you will have the ability to book hotel spaces at a fraction of the cost you would be paying without using the service.


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Plan your next vacation: Travel & Adventure Show comes to Santa Clara

Boat enthusiasts go to boat shows. Musicians flock to NAMM. And travel enthusiasts should be marking their calendars right about now, because the annual Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show will return to the Santa Clara Convention Center on March 5-6 -- and the lineup includes European travel guru Rick Steves, Travel Channel host Samantha Brown and Frommer Guides' Pauline Frommer.